Some places unfurl the glorious of the history. They are not notional but concrete evidences. 

You will feel your soul crush in front of the extent of history when you see the graves of kings in Dalyan. Timeless king graves that carries past’s secrets to the future and standing for thousands of years despite all the cruelty of time. You think that the stones are talking when you look at the graves.

 Graves sculptured in very steep rocky mountains force the limit of mind. According to archeologists, these graves were symbols of wealth and power of Kaunos city. Most of them still keep their shape today. There are three rows of stone in this Ion-temple-like sculptured stone graves in order deceased to be placed. Ion columns that decorates the front of the monuments are a little damaged. Face to face lion relief in one of the pediments is remarkable.

As well as its natural beauties, Dalyan is also known for ‘healing place’. Celebrities who come from different parts of the world to Dalyan is a sign for this characteristic. There are considerable amount of people who says they have gotten rid of their waist pain, rheumatism and sciatica after going to the thermal springs of Dalyan. Sultaniye Thermal Spring is the primary one. With a distance of 4 kilometers to Dalyan, this thermal spring is located on the edge of Ölmez Mountain in the southwest of Köyceğiz Lake.

Boats departing from dock take you there. The most radioactive thermal spring of Turkey (98.3), Sultaniye Thermal Spring is ranked at the second place with respect to radon value after an Indonesian thermal spring. Water temperature is 39 degrees Celsius and it contains calcium fluoride, calcium sulfate, calcium sulphure and radon.