Beauty mud located near the point where Köyceğiz Lake meets with Dalyan Delta. The first point where daily tours departing from Dalyan pier visit. The place where Dustin Hoffman and Sting visited in 90s. No construction is allowed in the place where natural mud is formed until now. The mud has not been proved as useful to health scientifically, but we won’t pass writing about residents’ talking.

As said, drying mud stretches our skin and after some amount of sessions, it decreases wrinkles. After the mud adventure, you get into hot water source, which is said to cure rheumatism, waist injuries and sciatica. As we see, it is real that the mud creates a physical change on body and lively environment in there. Tourists who see each other in mud joke with one another and take pictures. We think that this region gains a joyful activity in this way.