İztuzu Beach is a rare one where caretta carettas trust and commit their babies. With its award for preserving the naturalness, İztuzu is a natural wonder. It is said that there is no alike of this coast that has Mediterranean on one side and lake on the other side. The sand is golden color and very thin in this coast that begins from the edge of sea-perpendicular mountains and closes the opening of Dalyan Delta. On the other hand, sea is crystal clear. With its shallow coastline, walking on İztuzu Beach feels like walking on cotton velvet.

İztuzu was a harbor used by people of Kaunos in ancient era. According to an epigraph found in İztuzu, this place was a customs gate in ancient era end people of Kaunos were selling salt, slave and salted fish.

One surprise waiting for you in beach is the dance of sea and coastline. The views occurred due to effect of the sea are proofs of the fact that the creativity in nature is unlimited. Length of the coast is 5400 m. No building is allowed other than changing rooms. Additionally, no pet is allowed to the coast in order to prevent harm to caretta caretta eggs. Also, thrusting umbrella into the sand is prohibited in marked areas. 

Transportation to İztuzu can be done in two different ways. First one is using boats departing from Dalyan dock and after 35-40 minutes of joyful trip, you reach the beach. Second option is using the buses departing from Dalyan Post Office. Going around Sulungur Lake under pine trees, this journey is also joyful. But if you ask our suggestion, we suggest using boat option. The journey and the point of destination is better and more joyful.

You even envy your shadow as wandering in natural beauty İztuzu Beach.


İztuzu plajına iki şekilde ulaşılıyor. Dalyan rıhtımından kalkan teknelerle sazlıklar arasında 35-40 dakikalık keyifli bir yolculuktan sonra plaja ulaşıyorsunuz. İkinci yol ise Dalyan postanesinin yanından kalkan minibüsler. Sulungur gölünü dolaşıp çam ağaçlarının arasında gelinen bu yolculukta oldukça keyifli. Ancak bize sorarsanız tercihinizi teknelerle olmalı, hem plajda çıkılan nokta daha güzel hemde yolculuk teknelerle iztuzuna daha keyifli.

Doğa harikası İztuzu plajında dolaşırken gölgenizi dahi kıskanıyorsunuz.